“Capturing a Culture of Care” is being developed by young people who are involved with Eyes Wide Open in different befriending schemes to learn from care professionals in assisting older people in residential homes.With this project we aim to improve young people’s role as volunteers by using photographs and story writing.

The project originated as the initiative of a group of 5 young volunteers that took part in a previous project with Eyes Wide Open. They approached EWO and asked them to organise the project presented here. Founded in January 2005, the group is run by and for young people and aims to support and facilitate the development of creativity, innovative thought and talent.

Have a look at the website to see some of our projects: http://www.ewo.org.uk/

All the documentation will be posted in this blog to show the importance and meaning of care among a group of diverse age ranges and cultural backgrounds.If you want to collaborate, please write us an email, call us or just leave your comment and we will be grateful to help you to join in this project. The more documentation we get more enriched will be our mission.

Mail: nadia@nadiabettega.com

Phone: 0780 303 8534


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