We are based in London. Our project starts here, but we aim to reach every part of the world. Everywhere there is an experience to tell, a life to share, something to learn. “Capturing a Culture of Care” wants to arrive to everyone.


One comment on “Where”

  1. There is something about Jean!

    I met Jean last Saturday evening I was with a friend who decided to take me on a detour via Jeans place before drinks. Im glade she did otherwise I might never have met Jean.
    Jean lives in a Nursing Home overlooking Regents Canal. This Saturday just happened to be her Birthday! There were flowers and cards on her chest of draws and it was a Sunny Day, as nice a day as one could wish to turn 82 years old on but this was not the case for poor Jean she was not in good spirits, Recently her best friend had past away.
    This was a quite a difficult time for her and it was good for me to stumble into her life at this time. It helped me put things in perspective and made me think about life how quickly time passes and how thankful I should be . Initially I found it a bit awkard talking to her but she is quite charming and I soon warmed to her. When she talks she sound like the Queen. My favourite thing is that she speaks her mind no matter the circumstance.
    It was a great experience for me to met her and I feel I can learn a lot from her even in just the 15 mins I spent by her bedside. The other thing I noticed is how much empathy I had for her and that I should not take even the simplest things for granted, firstly being able to walk, being able to walk down the hall and fix herself a hot cup of tea. she was so grateful for a hot cup of tea and it was a good feeling that such a simple thing made such a difference to her day.

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