Poem about Jeane

By: cultureofcare

May 16 2011

Category: Volunteers experience

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Focal Length:6.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10

My Solitary Visit

As I walked in through those doors

I was immediately hit by those striking sad blue eyes

Something mysterious about her eyes

That tore into the depth of my soul

I felt dizzy because I’d never come alone
for a fleet second Considered reversing my stroll

Affronted by her usual insults

But this time they didn’t hit me

I laughed them off

I knew she was sad

So I let her be

I understood but then again, I didn’t understand

She thanked me and cursed me

But she thanked me again and again and again

And then she cried

My heart was moved, deeply

I wanted to help in anyway

So I held her and comforted her

But she cried some more.

I was terrified

But in my terror there was love

For this strange lady whom I did not know

In her stare I saw truth

It wasn’t by chance I was moved to visit

She told me she’d prayed and id came

I smiled because id prayed earlier

And silence had whispered her name

She’d had no visitors all day

The nurses came in but they walked away

Not one of them cared was what she said

She persisted in her offer to return my favour

But I persisted in my refusal

She’d given me more than she knew

A gift amazing and beautiful

One for which my heart will remember her by

She gave me her love in her words and her smile.

In the atmosphere floated a comfortable peace

A happy comfort that left our souls at ease

All she needed was a friend

But friends were long gone now

It wasn’t her choice to lie in that bed

Unable to move and live like everyone else

Once upon a time she was happy,

And useful, vibrant and youthful

But the unhappy tricks of time

Had robbed her body of beauty

And left her neglected and forgotten

Helpless and disheartened

She didn’t stop crying

The manner in which she converted her tears to humour

Was remarkably striking

Glimpses of the beautiful soul

Repressed beneath the broken body

Escaped easily

And as her eyes lit up so did mine

She was beautiful

And the root of her sadness

Though partly her pain

Was more from the ridicule

Imposed by sin on the souls of many people.

For that moment I saw her suffering and I felt her pain

It wasn’t light and my heart ached

She was alone and she was afraid too

But I knew my simple visit had done some good

Id brought with me light and hope but I was to leave with more

As I bent to say goodbye

She whispered I love you

Frightened I replied I loved her too

I knew her words were true

And mine were too

I had to return

And if possible

Next time bring with me the sun.


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