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By: cultureofcare

May 05 2011

Category: Staff

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When a new resident moves into the Court it’s important that they feel like they are entering a big family home, where the residents and the staff are friends with one another, at least it was what I thought after my experience as a volunteer, whose role, I believe, should be taking care of both residents and staff .


And even for the staff, who actually work there, it’s not the same as any other job. You can’t help openning your heart to the people you’re caring for, and neither can the workers. We spoke with staff to know their opinions and this is what they said:


The secret to working here is to work with the heart. I work with my heart. I live to take care of these people. We’re all going to be old someday and we’ll want someone to take care of us. There are a lot of people in here who had important jobs, doctors and lawyers and such, and now they are old and need help.”


You can’t approach this job as you would any other. You have to make it your own and work out of love. It’s always hard at first because they don’t trust you, but you must be confident and try to help them understand that you’re not trying to hurt them, that you’re here to help them and that you are a part of their family.”


I chat with them all the time, it’s important to get to know these people.”


You can clearly see the contrasts in their different cultures, especially in a house like this one, where there are people from a lot of different places. I thought it was great how you have two days before you start working there officially, to meet them, to learn about their culture… it allows you to better understand how to work and interact with them”.

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