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May 04 2011

Category: Stories

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III


Phyliss is the oldest resident here, she is 101 years old and has been living at Sunridge Court for 31 years. People respect her a lot, as she is a kind of ‘boss’ around the Court. She displays a very strong character and is extremely alert. She loves having people around, chatting and joking.


 “My son was 15 when my father died, and he said to me: ‘Mum, I so miss grandpa, he was a very wise man’ that’s from a boy of 15. He used to be very fond of my father. He used to cycle around every afternoon in my mother’s flat. My father was very good with children, and I was very close to him.


I met my husband through some people I knew, friends of mine. I visited my friends a lot, and he happened to be there as he was travelling. Whenever I visited my friends and he was there, to him it was as if no one else was there, he just talked to me. He was 13 years older than me but we never noticed the age gap. He was a wonderful man. My son died in the army at 20 years old.”


I’ve seen the generations change here. Before, I knew everyone and they knew me. Now I don’t know the people here and they don’t know me either.”


I asked her what would be her advice to young people and she said “I really don’t know. I can’t give advice, I can’t even remember what I did. I used to go out quite a lot.”

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