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May 04 2011

Category: Stories

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Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

Miriam is talkative, sweet, cheerful and curious about everything that happens around her. She loses her memory frequently but remembers her past quite well, and fondly. She has a daughter, Jill, who comes to visit her most days and a younger sister who also visits frequently. Miriam has a great sense of humour, she is elderly but very quick on the ball and witty.

I was never a shy person, but tough, I don’t think you can be if you have lived as long as I have”

I’m not sure of her age as she changes her mind a lot. She was born in Finsbury Park, London. Miriam looks back on her life and reflects on how fortunate she was to live the life she did. She married happily to a “good man” and had children. She believes profoundly in the sanctity of marriage and that it can help a person get through life, to have the support of another. She feels that people who divorce quickly give up too easily. She is more of a realist than a romantic and doesn’t mention love too often, other than to say that marriage is important for economic and social wellbeing. She has a great sense of practicality and knowledge combined with a dry sense of humour which makes her a joy to talk to and to be around. She is very popular with the staff and the residents. Linda, one of the carers at Sunridge showed amazing affection one day as she played with Miriam’s hair during morning tea. The importance of their hair and overall appearance is noticeable among the residents at Sunridge Court.

Miriam likes living at Sunridge Court and socialising with the others. She likes to get her nails and hair done by the inhouse beauticians.

In a nutshell “That was a very, very long time ago” but she remembers it well.

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